Rainbow Messaging


Send files and messages to other users on the platform. They can also send it to Guest users.

Guests can unlock files and messages upon successful verification. Users can invite read-only guest users with whom they have frequent communication.

Guest users can reply to communication initiated by platform users.

Platform protected by Rainbow Password and Verification Technology.

Files and Messages sent to users on the platform have auto wipe off feature.

Read, Downloaded, Unread, New Notifications for exchange among platform users.

Files scanned by Industry standard tool for trouble before available to recipients.

Add on: Rainbow E-Signature can help you get E-Signatures on Documents, Orders, Designs, Receipts, Deeds, Contracts.

Signed documents encrypted using proprietary technology and stored using Block Chain Concept. Complies with industry standard regulations.


Rainbow Authentication & Verification used which are today's most convenient and fun methods.