Tired of long and cryptic passwords?
Still having small passwords that are easy enough to brute-force?
No More. Password is Reborn as Rainbow Password.

Adopt Strong, Smart & Stylish Rainbow Password

Font, Font Style, Size, Font Color & Shading enabled PIN/Password
for exponential credential strength

For Privileged, Non-Privileged and all users using Mobile,
Web or Desktop in Cloud, Sas, Banking, Crypto Apps, Payments,
Pharma, Insurance, Healthcare, Government & Cyber Security.

(New) R Secure Note. Learn More.


Smart Formatting instructions is a genius way to go for
Two Factor/Multi-Factor Verification. An ideal partner to trust with.

rainbow E-signature

Truly Personalized & Stylish way to Sign off
Documents, transactions and consents.

Use color and style options
to create Secure Signatures that you like.


Control Over Where And How Much

Solutions Available for On-Premise Hosting &
Hosted Model (Plans Available)

Technology Licensing for Enterprise Customers, 
Product, App Developers, Identity Providers, System Integrators

Choose from our pre-designed industry specific toolset or ask us for custom cyber security evaluation.
Email: info@rainbowpassword.com

Rainbow Password/Verification

Location Based Security

Rainbow Picture Password/Verification

Rainbow Pattern Password/Verification

3D Defense

Rainbow E-Signature

Rainbow Password

About Us

GEOACL LLC is a full spectrum Cyber Security Solution Provider striving to provide Safe and Secure Security Solutions & Cyber Security Compliance Services in today's world of hacking, data breaches and leaks.

We bring out Simple, Reliable and Easy to use Security Solutions that can be welcomed by end users with minimal training. We invented Rainbow Password and GEOACL technology based solutions keeping these goals in mind. We help make you compliant with added advantage of bringing value addition to your business.

We intend to serve all: Adults, Kids, Seniors whoever need to get authenticated, authorized and need to provide their E-Signatures, whether its for Banking, Payments, Crypto Currency, Investment, Email, SAS, Healthcare, Insurance, Cloud storage, Hosting, Online Education, Online Testing or Benefits accounts.

We also provide user controlled location based authentication and authorization services for Payment, Banking, Healthcare and Digital Service Domains like Cloud, Hosting etc. Visit www.geoacl.com for details.

Rainbow Password & StylPIN products, services and solutions are protected by United States Patents # 9,536,069 and 9,906,522.

GEOACL Security Solutions & Services are protected by United States Patent No: 8452693.
GEOACL is a registered trademark of GEOACL LLC.

Your Choice 

Rainbow Password & Verification Solutions offers convenience of choosing text or picture password. You can use any form factor, online or offline, our solutions will help in all authentication and verification scenarios.


Platinum Cyber Security Advisory Services

Cyber Security Application Architecture Review

Cyber Security Audit Preparedness

Comprehensive Cyber Security Evaluation and Recommendation

Tool Recommendation, Setup, Deployment & Support

Integration Support for Third-Party Applications

Hosted Rainbow Solutions

Rainbow E-Signature

Rainbow Messaging 

Blog Templates

Create any kind of blog variations & styles using our well-done Blog templates


Our Solutions are compliant with industry standard Password, Credential, Signature regulations and recommendations across the globe and help you comply with regulations that apply to your business. Our Compliance team is ready to help you. Email info@rainbowpassword.com with Subject "Help me comply".

  • GDPR Ready
  • Fulfills FTC Recommendations and goes beyond
  • Multi-Factor, Smart Factor, E-Signature Solutions for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance regulations

Location Based Security

Users set up geographical locations and permission rules. Transparent Authentication & Verification.

GEOACL Location Based Security
With Rainbow Password and Verification gives
3D Defense against Cyber Attacks & Breaches

Contact today for free Evaluation of your Application Security Architecture

Your Future PIN/Password
Rainbow Password

Select from 600+ formatting options

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Our Support Service is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you design and deploy Cyber Defense Protection.

Email us at Support@rainbowpassword.com with your Customer ID, Problem Summary, Product that you are using and Browser/Device details.

Our skilled support personnel will work with you to resolve all your issues to complete satisfaction.

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